Monday, June 13, 2011

The next blog is up to you!

I'm throwing it out to you. What would you like the next blog topic to be? What music business question has got you scratching your head?
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~Blake Easter


  1. I've got a ton of songs. However, every time I sing or read them, I want to change them. Or when I am writing them and singing them the first time: I feel like it's great, but when revisiting them, the feeling is lost. How do I organize my literature and stop myself from changing things around!? How do I write something and relive the feeling of it every time? Also any tricks for remembering lyrics on the fly? (like when two or three great lines come to you, yet you have no pen or other device to record them) You dig what I'm sayin man?

  2. Hi index51 and thanks for reading the blog!
    What your describing is very common among song writers. It's a very fine line between making your song better and messing it up. Like you said its hard to know when to stop! How do you fix it? One of the ways I combat this is i surround myself with people that i trust musically to bounce ideas off of. If i sent you a song and said "man is this good?" you would be able to tell me after one listen what your opinion was. Why? Because you are not emotionally attached like I would be. Second give yourself a night to sleep on the idea and if in the morning you don't like it then move on. Third use your cell phone to record ideas. There are all kinds of cheap recorders out there that you can pick up cheap. Hope this helps and thanks again for checking out the blog!